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Union Real Estate Attorney Firm

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  .Company overview:

     Union International Real Estate Appraiser Firm is a professional and leading property consulting company and provider of real estate appraisals and valuation in Taiwan. With over 20 years in the real estate business, we have been established a high reputation and long-term relationship with many clients. Our clients include government departments, domestic and foreign companies and firms, chain stores, multinational corporation , court.....etc. 

     An appraisal is an independent unbiased estimate of fair value of a specific property at a particular time as made by a professional appraiser. Professional appraisers value property with independence and objectivity in determining the most probable price of the property. Our appraiser has passed through the national professional examination held by the government and was awarded the certificate of real estate appraiser.

     Our commitment to service ensures that all appraisals are performed to the highest quality in the shortest possible time. Besides, to set up the real estate price order, sound the market development and the actively attend the amendment and completion various of technical regulations, reflect the reasonable market value of property is the endless goal we never stop. 

     Let Union International Real Estate Appraiser Firm be your best partner to provide the professional service you need.


. Corporate Milestones:

     In 1989   Union Real Estate Appraisement Consultant Co., Ltd., was founded with initial capital of NT3 million in Taipei.

     In 1990   Reorganized the corporate to Union Real Estate Attorney Firm &Union Real Estate Appraisement Consultant Co., Ltd to provide the clients a series of complete service. Simultaneously, moved to 6F-2, No. 163, Nanking E., Rd., Sec. 5,Taipei City

     In 1992   Due to the business continuous growth, moved to 11F-4, No.230, Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 5, Taipei City

     In 2002   Founded a new corporation Union Real Estate Appraiser Firm to provide the professional service.

     In 2008   With the expanding business, moved to new office at 11F-1,No. 103, Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei City



Association of Real Estate Appraiser ,Taipei

Association of Real Estate Attorney ,Taipei



     Union International Real Estate Appraiser Firm takes advantage of over 20 years extensive and successful experiences and unique technologies to build our profession and win the public praise from our clients. Our mission is to provide the accurate and reliable information based on experienced and expert staffs with a completely objective opinion of value independent of any other business interests. We deeply believe that protecting the pubic interest is our liability.