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A.  Real estate appraisal


1. Appraisal for law suit
2. Real estate valuation of Civil executing Department's auction purposes.
3. Real estate valuation for administration executing department's auction purposes.
4. Compensation valuation for asset damage.
5. Influential valuation for building damage.
6. Appraisement for defect real estate.

II.Governmental Public Construction

1. Appraisal for governmental levy and reimbursement of land, building, and crops.
2. Appraisal for the levy and reimbursement of public utilities.
3. Real estate valuation and value allocation for MRT Stations joined development project.
4. Appraisal for landlord's renewal land and allocation alue.


1. Real estate valuation for corporate's asset certificate, asset re-evaluation , combined and amalgamated asset.
2. Asset appraisal for stock publishing corporate.
3. Providing real estate's warranty valuation for dealership.
4. Asset certificate valuation for Bulletin No. 35.
5. Real estate valuation for corporate's division, merge, and purchase.
6. Appraisal stock share or equity of real estate for corporate's investment
7. Appraisal for real estate transaction of publishing corporate.


1. Appraisal for the real estate's securities of financial institutes.
2. Appraisal for consuming financial loan
3. Real estate valuation for securitization purposes
4. Appraisal for the valuation of improper liabilities and real estate trust.


1. Appraisal for land co-building value allocation
2. Value allocation appraisal for land joint development
3. Loan valuation for architectural engineering
4. Appraisal for ongoing building engineering

VI.Urban Renew

1. Real estate rights change valuation before and after urban renew.
2. Perform interests allocation plan in urban renewal project


1. Real estate valuation for buying and selling.
2. Real estate valuation for Asset inheritance, gift 
3. Appraisal for individual asset certificate
4. Real estate valuation for bank mortgaged loan

VIII.International business

1.Appraisal for immigration asset certificate
2.Real estate valuation for overseas organization
3.Asset appraisal for oversea organization


1. Expropriation and compensation appraisal for crop improvements attaching to land.
2. Crop improvement's appraisal for court auction.

X.Rights Appraisal

1.Superficies Appraisal
2.Lease Appraisal
3.Mortgage Appraisal

B. Real estate attorney

I. Contract Signing charge
II. Building reserve registration (apartment type)
III. Building reserve registration (independent bldg.)
IV. Land Transfer Registration
V. Building Transfer Registration
VI. Inheritance, Gift registration
VII. Mortgage rights, other rights registration
VIII. Other rights change and transferable registration
IX. Cancellation of mortgage rights
X. Separation of building & land (label separation)
XI. Land & building change registration
XII. Separation of common shares
XIII. XIV.Change of land classification
XIV. Change registration of name, address and property
XV. Rectification registration of name, address and property
XVI. Land demarkation
XVII. Reissuing and change registration of Rights Letter
XVIII. Application for house tax, gift tax and inheritance tax
XIX. Application for  cadastres map(transcript) and various    documents
XX. Transfer tax code of buildings constructed without license
XXI. House rights investigation and various project investigation
XXII. The first general registration of building